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Quintilone & Associates files Consumer Class Action against Jeep for soy-based wiring in their vehicles

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2019 | in Auto Accidents, Automobile Accidents, Class Actions, Consumer Class Actions

by Richard E. Quintilone II Esq.

Over the years, automobile manufacturers such as Jeep have been switching out their petroleum-based wiring systems to a wiring system made from a soy-based material.  Whether the motive of these manufacturers is to simultaneously increase profits and decrease their production costs, or simply to be more environmentally conscious, the results of such as switch has posed problems for California consumers who operate these motor vehicles.  More specifically, the soy-based wiring system becomes quite the feast for squirrels and other rodents who crawl into the vehicle’s engine bay, find the edible soy-based wiring, and chew through the wiring rendering the motor vehicle inoperable.  The legal dispute involves Jeep’s refusal to cover the cost of repairs for damaged wiring under the existing warranty, forcing consumers to pay out of pocket for the repairs.  As a result, Quintilone & Associates has filed a Class Action Complaint in the United States District Court for the Central District of California against Jeep on behalf of all consumers in the State of California.

Jeep vehicles produced between 2014 to 2018 included in the Class are equipped with soy-based insulated wiring. If you or anybody you know owns a Jeep vehicle and has had rodents chew through the wiring system and Jeep has failed or refused to reimburse you for the repairs, please give Richard E. Quintilone II Esq [email protected] of Quintilone & Associates a call at 949-458-9675.

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