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Ups Workers Get Class Certification In Wage Hour Class Action

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2021 | Uncategorized

California United States District Court Judge Edward Chen granted class certification to UPS workers who allege the company violated state pay statement laws concerning the payment of meal and rest break payments, yet denied certification concerning meal and rest breaks, Richard E. Quintilone II Esq. and Quintilone & Associates with a team of lawyers succeeded in convincing the judge that this claim should be certified.

The Court certified a subclass of current and former UPS workers who allege they did not receive detailed wage statements listing all of the hours they worked but rejected the request for five other subclasses of workers, including for those who said they did not get required meal or rest breaks.

The claims regarding the inadequate wage statements can be resolved “in one stroke,” the Court held because all of the workers allege that the statements were not sufficiently detailed in the same way.

“For purposes of class certification, whether UPS’s time records comply with the wage order presents a common question of fact which predominates over individual issues,” the ruling said. The case will likely be resolved in cross-motions for summary judgment and would likely settle.

If you are an UPS worker or an hourly employee and have any questions about whether you have been paid properly or paid all minimum wages or asked to work off the clock or whether you should have received a complaint paystub, or you believe you may have a claim against your employer for any violation of the California Labor Code, please feel free to call us at 949-458-9675 or email Rich Quintilone II Esq at if you have any questions or go to www.quintlaw.com.

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