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No place for pregnancy discrimination at work

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2023 | Discrimination

There are certain types of behaviors that are unacceptable in the workplace, including the unfair treatment of individuals who have certain conditions. This includes pregnancy. Unfortunately, there are times when pregnant women can experience different types of discrimination and harassment because of their condition, and it can impact their life in many different ways. There is no excuse for pregnancy discrimination in a California workplace, regardless of the nature of the work. 

The issue of gender equality in the workplace has been a prominent concern for the last several years. Women have the right to expect fair and proper treatment while they are at work, regardless of pregnancy or other temporary physical condition. If you believe that someone is treating you in a negative manner because of your work, you will benefit from seeking an explanation of your legal options. You may have grounds to pursue action against the responsible party. 

Are you a victim? 

It is not always easy to determine if you are a victim, and even if you suspect that you are, it is not easy to speak out about what you experienced. Pregnancy discrimination can happen during the training and hiring process, during the course of your pregnancy and after you return from maternity leave. Examples of pregnancy discrimination include the following: 

  • Your employer asked about your intention to have children during your job interview. 
  • Your employer refused to provide reasonable accommodations if you have a high-risk pregnancy or have physical limitations due to your condition. 
  • Your employer fired you, reduced your pay, reduced your benefits or took other actions against you upon your return to work. 
  • Your employer caused, initiated or allowed consistent, negative or harassing behaviors by others against you while you were pregnant. 

These and more can serve as examples of how you could be a victim of this type of discrimination. A thorough assessment of your case can provide insight into your specific options. 

You don’t have to remain silent 

It can be intimidating to speak out about pregnancy discrimination that you experienced at work. If you are unsure of your options or whether you are a victim, you will benefit from seeking guidance as soon as possible. These cases can be time-sensitive, and you can take steps that will allow you to seek justice, pursue appropriate compensation and ensure that others do not experience the same things you did.