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California Drivers Have Problems in the Rain

Given the fact my teenage daughter is about to start driving I thought this rainy morning would be a good time to post about auto accidents in Southern California and what you can do to protect yourself. Growing up in Virginia Beach, Virginia we had plenty of practice driving in the rain.  With our normal sunny southern California conditions – poor weather, sandy roads, bad visibility and yes, even rain can cause accidents. While some of these accidents can and are caused by weather, a surprising amount of accidents in bad weather are caused by negligent driving or poor road design.  It is important to get a police report if you can as well as take notes, photos – even with your phone – and of course collect as much information at the scene as possible when involved in an automobile accident.

In areas like Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and most of Riverside county, it may only rain a few times a year. For that reason many of the drivers on the road in Southern California have no experience driving in the rain, and are dangerous when they get tangled up and cause an accident.


In poor weather conditions there are two specific kinds of motorists who exponentially raise the danger factor on the roads  (1) the conservative drivers and the (2) agressive drivers.

The Conservative drivers will cause problems for themselves and other drivers by overcompensating for the weather, usually by driving at annoyingly low speeds. While trying to be cautious and helping the situation, are actually causing more trouble than good.  They cause accidents due to people trying to get around them, and even though they think they may be safe drivers, there can be negligence when they are involved in a car accident.

Aggressive drivers are even more dangerous. These drivers never slow down, never take their foot off the gas and rarely drive without constant lane changes. Whether it is raining or not, they will drive as fast and regardless of road conditions or others on the road. These drivers weave in and out of traffic, ride our bumpers, change lanes whenever they want and are generally a massive liability, an accident waiting to happen.

There are millions of car, motorcycle, truck, bus and pedestrians involved in accidents every single day in California. Whether it sunshine or fog it is  important to know your legal rights. The worst thing anyone can do after they get into an accident is just assume that it was caused by one thing or the other – in this case, that it was caused by the rain or by slippery roads and that no one is at fault.   I promise you the insurance comapnies do nto think so. If you or a loved one were in an automobile accident, and you suspect that an auto accident in Southern California was caused by a negligent driver please email or call Richard E. Quintilone II Esq ( at 949.458.9675 for a complimentary, confidential intake call. For Espanol accidentes automovilísticos please request legal assistant Fernando Guzman ( 949.458.9676. 

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Quintilone & Associates focuses in Class Actions, Employment Law, Personal Injury, and Business Litigation in Orange County, CA area.