Over 20 Years Of Dedicated Client Representation

Over 20 Years Of Dedicated Client Representation

Quintilone & Associates Services

Quintilone & Associates is a full service California law firm which concentrates on Labor & Employment Law, Wage & Hour and Consumer Class Actions, Personal Injury, Business Litigation, Trade Secrets Litigation, Workers’ Compensation Defense, Products Liability, Premises Liability, Medical Malpractice as well as servicing Businesses and Financial Institutions with their diverse litigation requirements.

Labor & Employment Law
We represent clients in dozens of discrimination and harassment charges brought before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. We also regularly defend and prosecute federal and state lawsuits alleging discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, sex, age, national origin, medical condition, sexual orientation, religion and disability, including class action lawsuits.

We also offer preventive advice and supervisory training in preventing discrimination and harassment claims. We have handled trade secrets litigation, trials, opposed union organizing efforts, appearances, appellate filing and administrative hearings in federal and state courts and agencies including the DFEH, EEOC, DLSE, EDD, WCAB, UIAB and DOL.

Wage & Hour Law
We prosecute employers for unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, improper employee classification and improper wage or commission deductions. We assist clients to achieve compliance with the minimum wage, overtime and recordkeeping requirements of all federal and state wage and hour and prevailing wage laws.

We also assist clients in complying with state wage payment laws involving vacation pay, deductions, and commissions. We conduct preventive audits of our clients’ compliance with these laws as well as represent our clients in investigations conducted by the United States Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division and the California Department of Labor Standards Enforcement as well as other similar state agencies.

We also prosecute and defend prevailing wage claims as well as wage and hour lawsuits in State and Federal court, including class actions.

Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice
Our diversified practice ranges from handling automobile accidents to more serious medical malpractice issues, we are able to represent the public and defend businesses from the multitude of personal injury actions that arise in today’s legal environment. Personal injury actions, which are caused by the negligence of another, include, but are not limited to, automobile crashes, slips and falls, product injuries and work-related injuries. The basis of a medical malpractice claim is that advice, care or treatment rendered by a healthcare provider fell below the standard-of-care required in the community and as a result, the patient was injured or died. A health care provider is responsible for providing advice, care and treatment equal to that of the ordinary and reasonable specialist under similar circumstances. In addition to proving that care was below the applicable standard, the patient must also prove “causation.” This means that the healthcare provider’s departure from the standard of care was a substantial factor in causing the injury. These claims are very difficult to prove and depend heavily on the testimony of the injured party’s physician. Our experience representing clients in medical malpractice cases, association and contacts throughout the medical and legal community make us qualified to represent clients for these claims.

Business & Real Property Litigation
Our business and real estate practice ranges from general counseling services and review of transaction documentation, to dispute resolution and litigation. We handle partnership, LLC and other corporate issues, including formation, operation and dissolution. Once we help form the business entity, we assist in drafting basic employment confidentiality, trade secrets agreements, and consulting agreements and provide basic advise to help get your new business of the ground. Further, we have been instrumental in assisting numerous on-line businesses with their formation and continued growth. We litigate breach of contract, business torts, commercial and large collection matters, as well as real estate matters such as sales and leases.

Insurance Bad Faith
We have represented several major insurance companies and understand the issues presented in today’s ever changing polices. This type of action involves an insured’s claim against his or her own insurance company, and arises in situations where the insurance company unfairly and without proper cause, fails to compensate the insured for a loss covered by the policy, or unreasonably delays making payments due under the policy. Some examples include refusing to pay for a covered water leak in one’s home, unfairly attempting to deny an uninsured motorist claim, or refusal to defend an insured against a third party claim which is covered under the insured’s policy.

Workers’ Compensation Defense
In the past we exclusively represented employers and Health Care Organizations (“HCO’s”) in defending claims brought by employees injured on the job. We no longer conduct this area of work and refer all clients to other reputable law firms.